Santa Owls (Wholesale)


Santa Owls consists of 20 different Owls with Santa hats and clothes based on illustrations by Darcy Ashton in her book Outstanding Owls.  A soft batting/fleece is used to obtain the appearance of dimension and depth when decorative quilting stitches are added to the appliqué elements.  The eyes realistically incorporate a speckle effect.  The use of a softer, feathery, cover stitch perfectly finishes the appliqué pieces.  Each of the 20 Owls has a different star-design quilted background which is done in the hoop.  CD includes 2 quilted blocks to create the wall hanging, tree quilt or tote bag.

The decorative stitches on the Owls and background quilting were created by Darcy Ashton exclusively for embroidery machines.
The pattern includes instructions to create an Owl Quilt, Wall Hanging and Tote Bag, as well as detailed instructions for joining the quilted blocks.

Stitch Area for 20 Owls without quilting background require  8″ wide hoop
Stitch Area for 20 Owls with quilting background require 9 1/2″ wide hoop
Stitch Area for 8″ x 8″ quilted block requires  8″ wide hoop
Stitch Area for 9 1/2″ x 11 1/2″ quilted block requires 9 1/2″ wide hoop
Embroidery Machine Formats: PES, JEF,VP3, EXP, ART
Cutting Machine Formats: SVG, FCM, PDF, JPEG


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